Admission Information



Our School Almanac serves as the ultimate reference for all school policies and guidelines, encompassing essential information such as school fees, the annual calendar, and more. Each student receives a copy of this invaluable resource. We encourage parents to regularly consult the Almanac, as it functions as a highly effective means of communication between parents and the school. Staying informed through the Almanac ensures that parents are well-acquainted with school practices and updates, fostering a strong partnership between the school and families.


We promote a sense of equality and discipline among our students through our specially designed vibrant uniforms. These uniforms not only instill a sense of equality but also serve as a means of individual identification. Our school uniforms, thoughtfully crafted, are readily available within the school premises. By wearing this uniform, our students not only look smart but also embody the values of unity and discipline that we hold dear at KATES.


Our school is pleased to offer transportation services for the convenience of our students. While we take every necessary precaution to ensure the safety of our children during transit, it's important to note that the school cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen mishaps or injuries that may occur in or around the school premises or during transportation. We remain committed to providing a secure and efficient transport service, prioritizing the well-being of our students at all times.


We advised parent, Kindly remember to promptly update the school with any changes to your residential address. This ensures our records remain accurate, enabling effective communication and swift responses in cases of emergencies or school-related matters. Parent cooperation in this matter helps us deliver the best possible support and services for both you and your child.


One month written notice is required to withdraw the child from the school and on withdrawal no amount would be refunded in any case.


As per the standard policies of KATES if a child is getting transferred from one branch to another branch in that situation both the branches have to follow the certain necessary steps, which are as follows:

1. A transfer application has to be given to both transferors as well as transferee branch 15 days prior to the transfer.

2. Mid-term transfers involve the sharing of information & documentation from one branch to another through the Branch Coordinators.

3. In case of transfer of student from one branch to another branch of KATES, the Annual Charges, Activity Charges, Tuition Fee and other charges of the new branch will be applicable.

4. Parents have to pay the tuition fee& other charges as applicable in the new branch.

Note: The Transfer of the student is subjected to the availability of seat in the transferee branch.