Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

At KATEs, we believe in providing a comprehensive and enriching educational experience that encompasses not only academic excellence but also the development of core values that is crafted in 8 “Core Value Circle” and life skills. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to promote holistic development, ensuring that every child reaches their full potential.

Our curriculum is based on The U. K. Concept of Preschool Education (EYFS – Early Years Foundation Stage), which involves effective and time-tested elements of traditional learning infused with cutting-edge technology resources, which makes the teaching &learning more effective and joyful. The curriculum is crafted to help children to learn with uniquely designed activity.

The classrooms are set with world class standard having advance teaching tools to make learning more interested, effective and lovable. Children are play and learn with “Touch n Learn” panel system designed software and simultaneously learn Alphabet, Numbers, and Shapes, fruits, Vegetables, Colours and many more. The infrastructure, Learning Technology & Content and use of technology in the classrooms, effectively designed activities, workshop for parents and our association with “Preschool Learning alliance” and “British Association for Early Childhood Education, U.K.”, “Early Childhood Association India” helps us to keep our curriculum, techniques updated in the process of learning.

We are also certified from ‘Central Vigilance Commission’ for integrity pledge and committed to uphold highest standard of integrity and good governance.

The area of focus in curriculum are:-

1.Holistic Development: To instill the social, emotional, physical, mental, and intellectual growth of children, we focus on all aspects of a child’s growth, not just their academic advancements but all about establishing the child’s overall wellbeing.

2.Self-Care and Personal Growth: To shape their personality to face the cutthroat competitive world to not only career success but also the overall attitude and behaviour towards life. Personality as a whole is a combination of various characteristics and appearance that includes thought process, attitude, behaviour, communication abilities, and physical features.

3. Motor Skills Development( Gross motor skill and Fine Motor skill)- To be able a child to move and complete tasks independently and to explore the world around them, which promotes cognitive, speech, and sensory development in child which give them confidence and independence, which promotes skills such as executive function.

4. Social Development- To develop good habits, social manners, etiquettes among children to inculcate meaningful and lasting friendships and partnerships, child's self-confidence, empathy, and a sense of importance and value to those around him/her.

5. Creative Development- To fosters mental growth in children by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving.

6. Leadership and Cultural Heritage- To help the child to be proud and connect to their culture and appreciate where they come from. Children learn to respect elders, continue to uphold their traditions, and maintain the values passed on from generations.

7. Development of Senses- To inculcate the ability to drawing a child's attention to the five senses and discussing them increases understanding of and communication about the world around us, as this is one of the key ways in which children take in information, respond to their environment, seek nourishment and comfort, and bond with their caregivers.

8. True Education – To educate the little heart instils values in their life, such as self-confidence, self-esteem, self-image, courage, determination, etc. Such elements are the key to lead an inwardly peaceful & outwardly prosperous life ahead when the child grows up.