Trinity College of London

"KATES” is affiliated with TRINITY COLLEGE, LONDON, offering a program that empowers young minds to attain certification through the “Young Performers Certificate.” This certification program is designed to harness the transformative potential of communication and performance, with a focus on assessments that significantly enhance students' learning, engagement, and achievements, particularly in the domains of drama, music, and performance for children who are beginning their English language journey.

The program's core objective is to prepare children for this prestigious award, highlighting how performance-based activities contribute to learning, motivate young learners, and foster their confidence and communication abilities. Trinity's framework has been thoughtfully crafted to not only enrich the classroom learning experience but also to support the ongoing professional development of educators.

British Association of Early Childhood Education

"KATES” is member of the “British Association of Early Childhood Education-UK”. This membership provides KATES with a valuable channel for staying up-to-date with the latest innovations in early childhood education and receiving periodic training opportunities from both of these distinguished organizations. The 'British Association for Early Childhood Education' has a remarkable history of over 95 years, dedicated to shaping curriculum standards and nurturing educators who possess a deep understanding of and the ability to implement tailored learning approaches for each child's unique educational journey.

Preschool Learning Alliance

“KATES” is an active member of the “Preschool Learning Alliance-(U.K.)”. The Preschool Learning Alliance is renowned for its delivery of highly regarded training initiatives, quality enhancement programs, and family learning programs. In addition, they produce specialized publications, provide valuable information and guidance to early childhood professionals and parents, and passionately advocate for influencing positive changes in childcare policies and practices.


“KATES” holds a lifelong membership with the “Early Childhood Association of India”. This esteemed association empowers parents, educators, and various stakeholders to collaboratively explore and create comprehensive programs and nurturing environments for children. These initiatives prioritize the safety, well-being, fostering of positive relationships, and the holistic development of children within the context of their families and communities.


KATES is certified from the ‘Central Vigilance Commission’ for integrity pledge and committed to uphold highest standard of integrity and good governance.