Mission Vision


KATES is committed to cultivate young minds through joyful and holistic early childhood education. We are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment where children discover their unique potential, foster a love for learning, and develop the foundational skills needed for a lifetime of success. We prioritize safety, creativity, and a strong sense of community, ensuring that every child's journey with us is filled with laughter, curiosity, and meaningful growth.


KATES vision is to be a beacon of excellence in early childhood education. We aspire to be recognized as a place where children's curiosity is ignited, their potential is unlocked, and their dreams are nurtured. We aim to foster a community of lifelong learners, where our students leave our preschool not only well-prepared for formal education but also with a deep love for exploration, a strong sense of self, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world.


Igniting Curiosity, Unlocking Potential, Nurturing Dreams

our motto encapsulates our unwavering commitment to early childhood education. We believe in igniting the curiosity that resides within every child, unlocking their unique potential, and nurturing their dreams. Our approach is rooted in joyful and holistic education, fostering a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. Safety, creativity, and a strong sense of community are at the heart of our philosophy. Every child's journey with us is a joyful adventure filled with laughter, curiosity, and meaningful growth. We aspire to be the beacon of excellence where young minds embark on a path to a bright future, leaving our preschool well-prepared for formal education and carrying with them a deep love for exploration, a strong sense of self, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world.


Well-designed logo of KATES is more than just a visual representation; It goes beyond being a simple visual emblem; it stands as a cornerstone of our brand identity, capable of conveying a multitude of meanings and evoking powerful associations. Here are the key aspects of the significance of our logo

The Girl with School Bag: The girl in your logo represents the young learners at KATEs Preschool. Her school bag symbolizes the readiness for education and the journey of learning. Moreover, the school provides a congenial environment that nurtures her growth.

Superhero Pencil with Cape: The superhero pencil with a cape reflects the idea that education is an empowering and exciting adventure. It conveys the message that at KATEs, children are encouraged to explore, create, and excel in their learning journey.

The Name "KATES": The name "KATEs" is prominently displayed to reinforce brand recognition. The use of a friendly and child-friendly font suggests an approachable and welcoming atmosphere at your preschool.

Movement and Playfulness: The fact that the girl character is in motion adds a sense of playfulness to the logo. It symbolizes the active and engaging environment at KATEs Preschool, where children are encouraged to be curious and active participants in their learning.



The concept of KATES is to instill fundamental learning, ethics, and values in our children from the very start. We believe that laying this strong foundation guides children onto the right path, enabling them to embrace goodness and knowledge throughout their lives. Additionally, we invite individuals who share our passion for early childhood education to join us as valued business partners through our preschool franchise program. We refer to these dedicated individuals as "Edupreneurs" who play a crucial role in extending our brand's commitment to delivering ever-improving quality day by day.


M.Com., M.A. (Sociology) M.B.A.
(Honorary Doctorate in Business Management from Mount Elbert University, U.S.A.)

We at Satguru Edutech Private Limited, firmly believe that education transcends the mere acquisition of academic knowledge; it encompasses the lifelong process of learning from life itself. In our pursuit of excellence at SEPL, we are dedicated to laying a strong foundation for your child, emphasizing core values and holistic experiences.

Within our nurturing and friendly learning environment, under the guidance of mentors radiating positive energy, every knowledge seeker at SEPL is poised to evolve into a global contributor. Our dreams and aspirations are intricately woven into our journey, reflecting the very essence of what 'KATES' represents.

I extend a warm invitation to you to join us on this educational odyssey, where you can witness learning at its zenith and be an integral part of shaping the future.