When Kates


It starts from the very first moments when your child opens their eyes to the world's brilliance, and it continues through their first words and tentative steps. These initial years of your child's life are the building blocks of their future. What they learn during this period becomes an integral part of their lifelong journey.

At KATES, we are committed to laying the groundwork for your child's development, nurturing their young minds to cultivate a positive worldview. Recognized as pioneers in early childhood education, we have seamlessly blended a modern curriculum with a warm and 'home-like' atmosphere. Here, education is not a temporary phase but a lifelong voyage infused with deep affection.

We empower children to be the authors of their own childhood stories, crafting enduring memories that will accompany them throughout life. This journey of lifelong learning commences within our cherished 'Castle of Love'—a realm designed with child-friendly facilities and infrastructure, where our little ones discover their second home."